GSR captors

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GSR captors

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I'm currently using a Biosemi Active 2 device with GSR external captors
provided by Biosemi.

With this, I can record two signals GSR1 and GSR2. I'd like to know the
difference between these two signals. Usually(depending on the
subject) , only GSR1 seems to contain interesting information. During
recording only the green light for GSR1 is on, is it normal ? Is there one
captor for reference ? Well, more generally, how these captors works ?

Guillaume Chanel

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Post by Coen »

The hard- and software is set up for measuring two independent GSR signal, from 2 pairs of electrodes. Most customers only have a single GSR module installed (GSR1, one pair of electrodes). The green lights indicate when each GSR electrode makes proper contact with the subject's skin.

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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