Reading from USB receiver with Actiview running

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Reading from USB receiver with Actiview running

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I wrote a program in Labview to have a popup window appear when there is a trigger input to the USB receiver. However, I have issues running this at the same time as Actiview. I'm wondering if I'm not allowed to use the functions Open_Driver_Async, USB_Write, Read Multiple Sweeps, etc. while Actiview is already running. Can I have both applications reading from the USB receiver at the same time?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Reading from USB receiver with Actiview running

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You can only communicate with the USB driver with one application at the time. The driver does not support call form different applications (or different LabVIEW threads).

Use the data stream from (open-source) ActiView as an input for your popup application. You can add your code to ActiView. Alternatively, modify ActiView to store the trigger data in a Global Variable. You can then read out this Global Variable with a separate LabVIEW thread in ActiView, or with a separate VI outside ActiView. With the intermediate Global Variable, the modifications you have to make to ActiView remain at a minimum, and you can experiment with your popup application without danger of interference with the basic ActiView functions.

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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