Constant data blocks?

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Constant data blocks?

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you wrote:
"you might want to use constant data blocks to keep things simple".
I was wondering how this is achieved. Is it just a parameter that needs setting or does it involve deeper programming (i.e. changing a subVI)?
Is it the same for ActiView light as well as the full version?


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It is the same in Light and the Full version of ActiView. The principle of the variable data blocks is most easy understand by studying the Light version first.

ActiView varies the amount of data read form the ringbuffer and plotted to screen according to the backlog (amount of new unprocessed data in the ringbuffer, difference between the red and green pointers in the ringbuffer clock). When the backlog is small, ActiView uses small data blocks for smooth scrolling on screen. When the backlog is large, ActiView uses large data blocks to decrease the processor load and allow quick reduction of backlog.

The size of the data blocks is controlled by the wire labeled "Display Blocksize". The display blocksize is changed (if necessary) in subvi By using a constant value for the blocksize, scrolling in constant steps can be achieved. Note: the blocksize should be a multiple of the number of channels.

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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