BDF2EDF conversion

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BDF2EDF conversion

Post by lawson415 »

Hi all

We are starting a research project where we will need to convert many files to a proprietary format. We have software to convert edf to this format.

Is there a command line program I can get that will let me convert bdf
to edf? Command line code would let us do batch conversions so we would not need to do 1 file at a time.


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Post by Coen »

Do you have access to the source code of the EDF --> proprietary_format converter ? If yes, then I would recommend to modify your converter to read BDF directly. Because BDF is just a 24-bit version of EDF, this would probably take just a few simple modification of the code.

Currently, I do not have a command line EDF --> BDF converter available. I can consider to write such a converter if enough customers express their interest. An alternative is of course to add the command-line controls yourself to the existing LabVIEW code (the EDF --> BDF converter is open-source).

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi).

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