how to remove event markers in BDF file

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how to remove event markers in BDF file

Post by Deepa3 »

My BDF files show several event markers (around 100 multi-colored vertical lines in a span of just 1 second with numeric labels) for the whole duration of eeg data. I don't know what setting has changed that is causing this. Any help regarding how to revert back so that I don't see any of these event markers will be truly appreciated. I am using KT88-1016 to record and export eeg data into BDF file and EEGLAB to plot the scrollable eeg from the BDF file.

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Re: how to remove event markers in BDF file

Post by Coen »

The false triggers are probably caused because you have a nothing (or a sensor other then a manual Response Switch) connected to the ERGO input (floating input), while the CFG is set for overwriting triggers 9 and 10 from signals from manual Response Switches (connected to the ERGO).

Edit the CFG with Notepad. The 5th line in the CFG is now probably:

RespSwitch=1 //0: standard ergo, 1: ergo 1 & 2 coupled to trigger 9 & 10, 2: switch input coupled to trigger 9 & 10

Change this to:


Do not change anything else in the CFG

Use different CFGs for operation with, or without connected Response Switches.

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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