Biosemi 32 channel location in OpenVibe

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Biosemi 32 channel location in OpenVibe

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Hello there,

I try to build 2D and 3D topography vizualization in latest version of OpenVibe under Windows 7 with Biosemi ActiveTwo 32 channels. I have isntalled driver, ActiView (with all dependencies).

When I try to plot real time (from acuistion server app) raw signal it is not problem. But when I try any vizualization which needs channel location it simply doen't work. I tried to google it and ask on OpenVibe forum with no luck. I found sample OpenVibe cartezian channel localization so I edited a file in Biosemi way. I doesn't work either.

When acquistion server is connected it says CMS/DRL in range, battery OK, signal OK so I suppose it is channel localization problem. I managed to get it working with generic file reader so since then I don't think it is poorly arraged boxes and code.

I guess it is reference related isn't it. Can someone please help?

Link to OpenVibe forum for more details: ... =17&t=9683

Best regards,

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