Can I enable the eyetracker in the API?

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Can I enable the eyetracker in the API?

Post by Kazzim » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:46 am


When using the API for collecting data I can't get any data from the Jazz Eyetracker. Do I need to set a flag to enable the Eyetracker?

These are the numbers I get when I run it. The values for the data is not correct. I just want to see that the channels are open. I read in an other thread that ringbuffer[266] to ringbuffer[281] are the sensors. And when I counted the remaining channels after the Auxiliary sensors I thought that the remaining channels was the eye tracker but they returned 0 except 279. Then I thought that I might need to activate the eyetracker like I have to do in the ActiView. Can I activate it?

Ringbuffer nr:
A4 Value: -2125856512 Ringbuff: 6
A7 Value: -2125756160 Ringbuff: 9
A8 Value: -2125872128 Ringbuff: 10
A12 Value: -2125841152 Ringbuff: 14
A17 Value: -2125800192 Ringbuff: 19
A19 Value: -2126320128 Ringbuff: 21
A24 Value: -2125657856 Ringbuff: 26
A27 Value: -2125401088 Ringbuff: 29
EX1 Value: -2125745920 Ringbuff: 258
EX2 Value: -2125959680 Ringbuff: 259
EX3 Value: -2125672448 Ringbuff: 260
EX4 Value: -2125697792 Ringbuff: 261
GSR Value: 825211648 Ringbuff: 266
EyeX Value: 0 Ringbuff: 273
EyeY Value: 0 Ringbuff: 274
GyrX Value: 0 Ringbuff: 275
GyrY Value: 0 Ringbuff: 276
AccX Value: 0 Ringbuff: 277
AccY Value: 0 Ringbuff: 278
OxyL Value: 478593024 Ringbuff: 279
OxyR Value: 0 Ringbuff: 280
Mic Value: 0 Ringbuff: 281

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Re: Can I enable the eyetracker in the API?

Post by happilylazy » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:41 am

I am using fieldtrip application from donders institute to acquire data, but I also have no data in je JAZZ eyetracker channels, while the other channels are fine.

Is there an enable bit flag somewhere to enable the online acquisition of the JAZZ eyetracker data through the API?

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