Data stops recording

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Data stops recording

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We are running version 4.09 and in the last three weeks started experiencing Actiview automatically changing from saving data to not saving data. It happens on about half of the participants. When we see the indicator that data is no longer being saved, we can select the button to start saving again and it starts saving the data and appends the data to the end of the current file. When looking at the data file, the location where the stop happened has a series of triggers(5-10) which are labeled in the 254-264 range. - Any ideas?

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Re: Data stops recording

Post by Coen »

Your CFG is probably set to control the Pause button with triggers.

Edit the CFG in Notepad to (10th and 11th line from the end):

PauseOff=-1 //-1 is disabled, 0-255 is enabled
PauseOn=-1 //-1 is disabled, 0-255 is enabled

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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