Recording crashes intermittently (errors 5001, 5002)

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Recording crashes intermittently (errors 5001, 5002)

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I have an experiment that requires about 90 minutes of EEG recording, and for the past two days the recording has been crashing intermittently (during one session, it crashed 10 times). The error is always 5001 or 5002, and before the crash, it seems like the buffer is being overloaded, i.e. green arrow lags close to a full revolution behind the red arrow (similar to your response to the problem here: viewtopic.php?t=739)

Solutions we've tried:
Restarting ActiView
Restarting computer
Running Actiview with no other applications open
Decimation at 1/2
Speedmode is already at the minimum (2048 Hz)
Changing optic cable

Our computer is a bit old (MacBook Pro, late 2011, 8GB RAM, Intel i7) so we understand that it might just be too slow. However, is there anything we could do to maximise its performance before resorting to buying a new computer?

Thank you!

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Re: Recording crashes intermittently (errors 5001, 5002)

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EEG recording crashes due to buffer overload, showing error codes 5001 or 5002. Despite attempts like restarting ActiView, the computer, and adjusting settings, the issue persists. Given your older MacBook Pro, upgrading hardware might solve the problem. However, before that, try optimizing performance by closing background applications, ensuring ActiView is the sole program running, and possibly reducing recording quality further. Check for software updates or patches that could improve stability. If these measures don't work, upgrading your computer may be necessary for uninterrupted EEG recording.

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