ActiveView and Triggers

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ActiveView and Triggers

Post by StephanieMartin »

Hi, im currently using Psychopy to create a lexical decision task. The BioSemi USB trigger interface cable was not working in my laptop, and every time I added the port (parallel-out port ) it asked me to install either inpout32, inpoytx64 or dlportio. I install one of them, input32 and still doesn't work.
Triggers do not appear when I run the experiment. How did you manage to add the triggers into psychopy?

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Re: ActiveView and Triggers

Post by Gerben »

Hi Stephanie,

The BioSemi USB trigger interface cable is a serial to parallel converter, converting the serial output from the pc/laptop to the parallel input of the eeg system.
In order to use the USB trigger interface cable your trigger software will have to write the triggers to the serial port of the USB trigger interface.

Best regards,
Biosemi (Gerben)

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