Windows 7_ Firmware 4.0

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Windows 7_ Firmware 4.0

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We are using windows 7 OS but whenever I try to connect USB trigger interface it doe not recognize the drivers.
As mentioned It should be PnP but it is not recognizing the driver. I tried installing the driver from the web page but it does not work either.

Can you tell me what else should I try?

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Re: Windows 7_ Firmware 4.0

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Dear Rahul,

You say that you have problems installing the driver for the USB Trigger Interface (stimulation PC), but the link you shared is for the drivers for the USB Receiver (recording PC)
The USB Trigger Interface should install the drivers automatically when the PC is connected to the internet.

In the case that Windows does not detect the BioSemi USB Trigger Interface correctly than:
- remove the driver of the device (probably listed under Other Devices) right click and un-install.
- remove the device from the USB port and insert it again.
- Windows should now detect the device automatically and install the drivers automatically.

If that does not work, then you can try the below drivers:

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