Error opening .bdf file

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Error opening .bdf file

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I am trying to open .bdf for the data collected from Biosemi, I am using Fieldtrip toolbox to open the file. When I try to open the file , it complains thata headerformat is 'unknown'.
I have tried opening the file using EEGlab toolbox it throws the error with unsupported data format.

We have always used fieldtrip toolbox to open .bdf file from Biosemi ,this is the first time we are getting the error.

Can you tell what can be the problem with data file.

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Re: Error opening .bdf file

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Repair false "enter" characters in the header with:

Repair "unknown" file length value in the header with:

Test repaired BDF file with: ...

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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