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EDFbrowser triggers to ASCII

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:17 pm
by EJB
I'm using EDFbrowser to convert GSR data collected through Biosemi from BDF to ASCII text file format. This is because I intend to analyze the GSR data with Autonomate ( ... l_v2_7.pdf) to find SCRs, and this program reads two-column text files with the GSR data on the left column and trigger signals on the right column.

Using EDFbrowser's EDF(+)/BDF(+) to ASCII format converter, I get the four text files containing headers, signal headers, data and annotations. In the signal headers file it looks like the last channel is supposed to contain the triggers I sent to Biosemi through PsychToolbox (which appear when I open my data in EDFbrowser). However, in the data file, in the column corresponding to this last channel are only two numbers (-6685696 for the first half of the file and -6751232 for the second half), which don't correspond to the several points in the data that should be linked with my triggers.

Is this column the wrong place to look for trigger signals? Where else in the ASCII files can I find information relative to the triggers accompanying my data?