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(maybe) unavoidable line noise

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2022 5:26 pm
by gfan
Hi guys,

We just set up a new EEG room and collected some pilot data from the new room. A quick analysis showed large line noise at 60 Hz in the data though. There are two major possible sources. One is the wall outlet right next to the participant monitor. It was the only wall outlet close to the computers so we plugged a power strip into the outlet and plugged all the computers, monitors, etc. in the power strip. The other source could be lighting in the room, but that could be fixed by using a battery-powered lamp. Does anyone have a clue what would be source of line noise and what could be a good to eliminate it? Also I was wondering how much would a notch filter help increase the data quality? I know that you could filter out noise at a specific frequency (like 60 Hz) with a notch filter, but does it influence data from other frequencies? Any help is greatly appreciated!