Trigger names in ActiView and analysis software

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Trigger names in ActiView and analysis software

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Hi there,

I am having some problems understanding how the triggers are handled and shown by BioSemi. The triggers seem to be correctly shown on actiView during the recording:
triggers.JPG (19.13 KiB) Viewed 185 times
But I am still unable to understand what these numbers mean because they are not the ones I am sending from the stimulation PC. Also, when I read the bdf file, they are different: 61700 and 61956. What does this mean? Is there a way to have them in a different format (more straightforward)? What is the relationship between the pins I am activating from the stim PC, the numbers I see in the decimal view and the numbers I see after reading the bdf file?

This is the baseline analog visualization when the stimulation is not going on:
baseline_triggers.JPG (28.19 KiB) Viewed 185 times
I tried looking at other answers in this forum, but none clarified the matter to me.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Trigger names in ActiView and analysis software

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The numbers themselves don't matter as long as you have different ones for each condition, or at least a way to derive them post hoc (by trial order etc.) So it's just an annoyance at this point. But which trigger cable are you using and what software is sending it?

If it's like this: ... wo-system/
then they send properly. But you might have something else like a NIDAQ you might have the problem, the 9-16 half is always on and adding to the low bits. To find the numbers you can subtract the bits then convert back to decimal. To fix the problem completely you might have to install the NI software and the setting is somewhere in there if I recall.

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