Used BioSemi system for sale

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Used BioSemi system for sale

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Hello All,

I am writing to inquire as to whether anyone of you would be interested in buying a used BoiSemi system we would like to sell.
The system was purchased from BioSemi in May 2011 to equip our Lab. It has been used only several times for neuromarketing studies during the last 5 year, it works perfectly.
It contains following items:

1. ActiveTwo Base System EURO
- ActiveTwo AD-box Version6.0
- 2xBattery box
- Charger EUR
- Fiber 10 Meters
- USB2.0 receiver
- USB2.0 cable (1 meter)
- USB2.0 cable (1.8 meter)
- Cable rack
2. Galvanic Skin Response module (GSR). Including 2 extra channels.
3. Plethysmograph sensor input. Finger clip model. Including 1 amplifier channel.

Since we do not use this equipment any more I would like to offer it to anyone interested in purchasing it.
In case of interest or question please contact me at

Thank you,

Katarzyna Żyła
Simply User

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