CM in range

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CM in range

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My team and I are having the following problem while using our 64 electrode BIOSEMI recording system:

As stated on previous messages in this thread, whenever we connect our A branch, the blue light starts blinking. When doing the saline water bucket test, we got it steady for a few seconds but then it blinked again, at first it would blink when we put ANY other electrode in the bucket and then just by slightly moving the reference electrodes inside the bucket. We managed to get the blue light steady when pressing gently on certain spots of the A branch wires but it would not stay that way for long. When connecting the external CMS/DRL cable, the blue light continued to blink until we plugged the A branch in the C slot.
After reading this thread, I suppose the problem is in the reference electrodes of the A branch. This has happened to us before, our solution was to buy a new A-branch and the two extra reference electrodes just in case. But now I realize that the external CMS/DRL do not work if the A branch is faulty. Am I right? If so, what's the point of having extra reference electrodes?

Today, while trying to run an experiment with the temporary solution ( connecting the A branch in the C slot using the accessory reference electrodes), it worked for a while and then the blue light started blinking again.

I have some questions: 1) What is the most likely cause of the problem? 2) If I send my faulty branches to my local representative, will they fix it? I bought this branch no longer than 3 months ago. 2) Is there any provisional solution I can try to keep running my experiments before I get a new electrode branch?

Thank you,

Fernanda Perez Gay Juarez, MD
PhD Candidate, McGill University,
Post-doctoral fellow, UQAM.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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