GSR Module - basic information

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GSR Module - basic information

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I want to confirm somo basic information that I read across forum and Biosemi web page about GSR Module, because is the first time that I'll use GSR module in Biosemi.

All new GSR modules (at least 2020 to date):
  • Use a exosomatic measurement with alternating current (AC) applying 16 Hz square wave signal at 1uA and uses "Lock-in detection".
  • Use the 24-bit ADC so maximum value that can be recorded is 262.000 uS.
  • Have 2 passive Ag/AgCl electrodes Nihon Kohden
  • There no requires any pretreated in skin (area of contact), can be fixed with a double-side adhesive ring and can be used with SignaGel.
  • Sampling rate is adjustable in ActiveView (usually registered in 1024 Hz).
  • Registered the data in nanoSiemens (nS) in only one channel labeled GSR.

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