CMS/DRL out of range and box shutdown

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CMS/DRL out of range and box shutdown

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We have a curious issue with our BioSemi recordings on which you can hopefully you can help give us some guidance. In some of our experiments our BioSemi is shutting down after reporting CMS/DRL out of range. We think it is CMS/DRL related.

We understand that the BioSemi has a safety shutoff when the return current exceeds a threshold of 50 uA, and wonder if this is related to the body impedance and/or CMS/DRL electrode placement. We suspect that fluid loss is causing dehydration and affecting body impedance. Is this a reasonable cause for the BioSemi to shutdown?

We are hoping to figure out why the issue occurs, and change our set up so that it does not occur.
We have also sent a detailed sequence of action leading to the issues and examples of some recordings and status bit graphs via email.

Thank you,

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Re: CMS/DRL out of range and box shutdown

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Blue LED blinking: DRL runs into 50 uA current limit, usually caused by defect channel (broken wire of active electrode)

AD box shuts down and battery remains on (green LED): short circuit detected, usually caused by connectors polluted with electrode gel

AD-box and battery shut down (red LED): empty battery

Best regards, Coen (BioSemi)

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