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by neuropacabra
Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:59 pm
Forum: BioSemi Hardware
Topic: Channels surface
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Channels surface

Hello, I would like to ask about Biosemi channels surface. I have already send them to waranty service and service replaced both CMS and DRL channels. After couple of weeks problem of all channels appeared. I am facing the problem that nearly all of my channels show periodical and harmonical signal ...
by neuropacabra
Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:08 pm
Forum: EEG data analysis
Topic: Frontal asymmetry analysis
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Re: Frontal asymmetry analysis

hey mabye you (or others) will find this helpful ... or-eeglab/
by neuropacabra
Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:43 pm
Forum: BioSemi all other topics
Topic: Biosemi 32 channel location in OpenVibe
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Biosemi 32 channel location in OpenVibe

Hello there, I try to build 2D and 3D topography vizualization in latest version of OpenVibe under Windows 7 with Biosemi ActiveTwo 32 channels. I have isntalled driver, ActiView (with all dependencies). When I try to plot real time (from acuistion server app) raw signal it is not problem. But when ...