Bipolar EMG Recording

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Bipolar EMG Recording

Post by Philipp » Fri Oct 29, 2004 5:39 pm

Hi all!

I'm completly new to the BIO-Semi system. I recorded an EMG of the Mm. Orbicularis Oculi (the muscle that closes the eye) for recording eye-blinks (startle-blinks). I placed Ex1&2 under the eye and the two Aux1-Electrodes behind the ear over the bone as a refernce. In the recording software I choose "refernce-free". The eyeblinks have been claerly visible on the "bipolar-leads-Tab" Ex1 vs. Ex2. Fine. But now I want to import the data into BESA. I have no idea how to configure it in BESA, that it will be displayed as a Biploar-EMG-Recording. I had no success playing around in the "monate-menu". Does anyome have an idea how I can disply the data the right way? Or is there a good other software for EMG-Analysis recorded with BioSemi (also for preprocessing of the data like rectification)? Sorry if this question is dump, but it's my first time working with Biosemi & Besa.

Karsten Hoechstetter
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Bipolar Montages in BESA

Post by Karsten Hoechstetter » Fri Nov 12, 2004 12:44 pm

Dear Philipp,

I am in charge for BESA's customer support. BESA 5 has a very convenient montage editor. You can start it by pressing the'EdM' button in the main window. In this montage editor, you can define arbitrary montages. Among others, you can easily define bipolar montage channels. As I understand you, you would like to define a channel Ex1 referenced to Aux1. To do that, select electrode Ex1 in the montage editor and then left-drag from the 'Set reference' field in the left window to the desired reference electrode Aux1. This will create a bipolar polygraphic EMG channel.

For further questions, you can also write directly to BESA's email customer support at Mails to this address will be forwarded to me automatically.

Best regards,
Karsten Hoechstetter
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